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January 17, 2019                                                                                                                    Bill Valdez

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Senior Executives Association Statement on Partial Government Shutdown

WASHINGTON, DC – Today Senior Executives Association (SEA) President Bill Valdez released the following statement on the partial government shutdown.

“The Federal government has entered the longest shutdown in U.S. history. Members of the Senior Executive Service (SES), who are most likely to be deemed “excepted personnel,” are performing their duties alongside other public safety-focused civil servants to the best of their abilities to ensure that agency missions are delivered given the partial shutdown’s constraints. To ensure optimal performance, these non-political leaders require an appropriate and complete staff. The Senior Executives Association (SEA), a professional, non-partisan association that represents career Federal government leaders, therefore urges an immediate reopening of the entire Federal government for the good of the U.S. public and our Nation.

“For the United States to succeed in the world, SEA believes it is the job of all civil servants to ensure the effective delivery of public services and to do this it is the job of the Congress, in coordination with the President, to be responsible and to fund those public services. When neither resources nor top-level support are provided, it becomes impossible for the civil service to do their jobs in support of the U.S. public.  The consequences of the failure to properly resource and responsibly support our Nation’s public service are increasingly clear and present to all Americans with each day that the partial government shutdown continues.

“It is long past time for the Administration and Congress to end not just the partial government shutdown, but also their lack of support for our country’s public service. All public employees should return to working and providing the services our Nation requires.  To do this, SEA calls upon Congress and the Administration to resolve their differences expeditiously and return to the business of We The People of the United States.”


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