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June 3, 2019                                                                                                                             Bill Valdez
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Senior Executives Association and the Government Freelance Exchange (GovFlex) Announce a New Collaborative Agreement to Create the “Liquid Workforce of the Future Model

The Senior Executives Association (SEA) and the Government Freelance Exchange (GOVFLEX) have announced a collaborative agreement intended to help create an agile and highly effective 21st Century workforce, acquisition system and e-Commerce initiatives.  The agreement supports SEA’s Communities of Change and provides assistance to SEA members through the digital marketplace, which is the first gig economy platform dedicated solely to the U.S. public sector.

SEA and GOVFLEX will work together to promote the Federal government’s transition to a new “Liquid Workforce of the Future Model.”  Activities will include assisting career executives in their transition from government service, as well as facilitating ease of entry of subject matter experts into programs throughout the Federal sector.

“SEA is excited to bring the power of the e-Commerce digital marketplace to our stakeholders and members,” said Bill Valdez, President of SEA.   “This innovative approach connects senior career leaders with the knowledge, training and matching services they need when providing professional advisory services and enabling their career transition.”              

The U.S. Federal Government now recognizes the need to adopt leading commercial practices and streamline acquisition and workforce processes to access high demand talent.  The Congressionally mandated Section 809 Advisory Panel highlighted GOVFLEX as an example of an online talent marketplace using commercial methods that are in alignment with Federal Acquisition Regulations and human capital practices. 

“We’re delighted to collaborate with SEA at a time when new business methods, commercial IT marketplace solutions and fundamental changes in the workforce are taking place,” said Bob Dickson, President of GOVFLEX and former Department of State Senior Executive.

In keeping with SEA’s charter and GOVFLEX’s commitment to strict adherence to all applicable ethics laws and requirements, including a prohibition involving any activity related to lobbying, the agreement provides a solid foundation for working together.                    

 About The Senior Executives Association (SEA)

SEA is the nonprofit professional association representing members of the Senior Executive Service (and SES-equivalents) in the federal government. SEA promotes ethical and dynamic public service by fostering an outstanding career executive corps, advocates the interests of career federal executives (both active and retired), and provides information and services to SEA members.

About The Government Freelance Exchange (GOVFLEX)

GOVFLEX provides a full service e-Commerce platform matching government agencies and contractors with the best independent experts they need for a short-term project.  GOVFLEX provides leading digital matching services to those who serve in government, the military, as well as the businesses and independent experts who support them.  The company was created to streamline the process of acquiring talent quickly at highly competitive prices, while promoting compliance and ease of use. 



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