30th Annual SEA Banquet Honors Presidential Distinguished Executives Responsible for Saving Government Over $121 Billion

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper Delivers Keynote Address

Washington, D.C. – Tonight, the 43 recipients of the Presidential Rank Awards of Distinguished Executive and Distinguished Senior Professional will be recognized for their achievements, including their collective savings of over $121 billion.

The 30th annual Presidential Distinguished Rank Award Banquet is sponsored by the Senior Executives Association’s Professional Development League (SEA PDL) and salutes the winners of nation’s highest civil service honors. Only one percent of the Senior Executive Service (SES) is eligible to receive the rank of Distinguished Executive, and only one percent of those in Senior Level and ST (Scientific and Professional) positions may receive the rank of Distinguished Senior Professional.

“These individuals represent the best of our government workforce,” said Senior Executives Association (SEA) Interim President Jason Briefel. “Not only did they superbly fulfill their own responsibilities as agency leaders, but they sought to go above and beyond to find innovative solutions that saved billions of taxpayer dollars.”

The keynote address at this year’s banquet will be given by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

The recipients’ notable achievements include:

• Inventing the world’s best atomic clock based on ultracold atoms of strontium held in a lattice of laser light, with accuracy equivalent to one second in 5 billion years. His 5 patented inventions based on laser technologies include a “breathalyzer” system for medical diagnostics based on laser detection of trace amounts of chemicals in exhaled human breath.

• Supervising the largest criminal investigation in antitrust history, of over a dozen conspiracies to fix the prices of over $5 billion worth of more than 40 different auto parts sold to US car manufacturers and which affected more than 25 million cars purchased by Americans. 33 companies and 54 individuals were charged, resulting in fines of more than $2.4 billion.

• Being the on-scene legal adviser to the national-level decision makers over the 72 hours that led to the successful rescue of the Maersk Alabama’s Captain Richard Philips.

• Directing development and implementation of the my Social Security portal, the premier platform for self-service for the public with a comprehensive and clear suite of services and robust authentication and anti-fraud protections.

SEA President Emeritus Carol Bonosaro said, “Although this is my 30th banquet, I never cease to be amazed at the extraordinary accomplishments of these awardees. At the same time, however, I’m continuously disappointed with the lack of public acknowledgement given the Rank Awardees by administration after administration. It has been an endless cycle of lost opportunities to trumpet their accomplishments and to change the current narrative of government so often portrayed by Congress and the media. Many Americans would be both surprised and proud to learn what government and these remarkable civil servants have done for our country. ”

Both a full list of accomplishments and a total savings document accompany this release.